Braden Park HOA

Braden Park HOA was established to promote, enhance & maintain our residential Quality of Life, Safety and Home Values.
The HOA Board of Directors are residents who volunteer their time to Manage the Budget, see that Streets, Amenities & Commons Area are maintained & repaired and to Enforce the Bylaws/Covenants.
The HOA By Laws/Covenants preserve the Value of our investment by ensuring no Resident paints their home a distasteful color, parks trailers/boats OR large commercial vehicles in their driveway or on the street, posts unapproved signage on their property, etc.
Braden Park HOA yearly Budget is predicated upon each Resident paying their share of the Annual Mandatory Dues on time every year.
Annual Mandatory Dues are the only way our Association has the funds to maintain & repair; Streets, Amenities (including the Pool/Restroom/Tennis & Basketball Court/Playground equipment, Gates, Landscaping, monthly Utilities, Insurance, Taxes and many other items.
As part of the Neighborhood Alliance of Central Oklahoma, strive to keep all 159 Homes in our Neighborhood well informed, safe & secure and promote a sense of community.
Residents are encouraged to email with questions, suggestions or concerns.
Be sure to attend our Annual HOA Meeting, usually held sometime in June.

Guidelines for Using 911

Guidelines For Using 911 Information furnished by Msgt. M. W. Loruse & Lt. R. B. Mercer
~ When should I call 911?~  Dial 911 in an emergency or to report information to the police. If you are not sure, call 911 and let us determine if the situation requires an emergency response. If we determine your call does not meet the emergency guidelines, we will supply you with the telephone number to call the agency that can provide the services needed. 911 is a phone number that is used to get the police to respond to anything that has to do with safety. It does not have to be an emergency in progress. The dispatcher (the person answering the call) can quickly see where the caller is and can send a police officer to your location even without the caller giving any information about where they are or what is happening.
Please note, cell phone users must give the dispatcher their location.     Go to for details and information.

Braden Park HOA Annual Mandatory Dues

Braden Park Annual Dues are Mandatory; Invoices are mailed out June 1st & payable IN FULL by July 1st.  For current dues amount and any other questions please email
Braden Park
 is a business of sorts, & just like any other business, we have monthly bills including utilities, repairs and regular maintenance & regular upkeep of our facilities & amenities.  Our HOA Budget is predicated on each and every Member/Resident paying their fair share every year. Keep in mind that our Amenities not only contribute to an enhanced quality of life for all current Members/Residents, but they also attract New Homeowners which is key to maintaining our Home Values. 
(A fee will be assessed for any late payments, AND Legal Action may be taken if dues are not paid IN FULL within 90 days, including a Lien placed on a Home or even Foreclosure)

Dues must be paid on time, & IN FULL every year for a Member/Resident to use any of our Amenities. 
Annual Mandatory Dues are used for maintenance & repairs including Streets, Pool, Cabana & Restrooms, Playground & equipment,  Landscaping including mowing/weeding & sprinklers, Monthly Utility Bills, Insurance/Liability Coverage, to keep Gates in working order, and to maintain the Tennis & Basketball Courts.  Any questions regarding your Annual statement for HOA dues should be directed to our Manager/Bookkeeper at 373-1015 or
All checks should be made payable to Braden Park HOA and mailed to the following address:
Braden Park HOA
P O Box 850117
Yukon, OK 73085-0117

Streetlight out?

The Board works hard to make certain our neighborhood is well lit, but may not notice every streetlight; we ask each Resident to do their part and keep a lookout for our safety too, so if you should notice that a streetlight is out please contact OG&E at: simply provide the exact address of the burned out light and identify yourself as a resident of Braden Park.  
OR call 405-272-9741.  
You can also sign up for myOG&Ealerts which will allow you to report an outage via text and receive updates by text, email or phone.
~We thank you for keeping an eye out for our neighborhood~

4-Digit Codes or Gate Remotes to enter Gates for residents

In order to maintain privacy and security for all our Residents, each resident must be issued a "unique" 4-digit Gate Code, enter this number at the keypad/pedestal each time you enter the Gate, please do not give this 4-digit code to anyone but immediate family members, all other visitors will enter your phone number at the keypad/pedestal; just answer your phone, press 9 to allow entry.  
Residents who are current in Annual Dues may purchase a GATE REMOTE (a small remote you keep in your vehicle, similar to a garage door opener).
For any/all questions including the cost of a Gate Remote email;
Download a Gate Code Form by clicking here.  
To allow access to service techs, deliveries, roofers, etc. email to obtain the "Generic" 4-digit code. (This "Generic" code is changed periodically to protect our community.)

Mail your completed Gate Code Form and check to:
Braden Park HOA
P.O. Box 850117
Yukon, OK 73085-0117

After your completed form and check has been received in the mail by our Manager, you will be mailed your gate remote(s) which is pre-programmed with your unique 4-digit code and ready for immediate use. 
To purchase a Gate Remote your Annual Dues must be PAID IN FULL.

Trash Pickup information and Schedule

Regular Trash no pickup on the following National Holidays: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. See holiday make-up days by visiting
In general, Monday holidays are rescheduled for Wednesday pickup while Christmas simply pushes pickup back a day.

Bulk Trash pickup – Braden Park is scheduled for the FIRST MONDAY OF EVERY MONTH.  For a list of what bulk items will/will not be picked up, visit   (Do not place at curb any earlier than 3 days in advance)

The "BIG GREEN" is for recyclables ONLY and is picked up EVERY OTHER WEEK.
  The city accepts plastic milk or beverage containers, aluminum cans, glass jars and bottles, newspapers/magazines and cardboard.  (Check the lid to see the complete list)  Visit for the every other week schedule.

Utilities/Action Center/Animal Control

Emergency Services/Police/Hospital

Commons Area Parking Lot

Our parking lot next to the pool/playground/tennis courts is for our Residents and Guests of Residents to use only while enjoying our Amenities. We are strict in enforcing the “No overnight parking" ordinance as posted.
If a need should arise for you or even an overnight Guest to use the Parking Lot for a short duration, please notify a Board member beforehand to ensure that no vehicle is towed.  
We ask your cooperation in this matter as we strive to keep up the Value of our Homes, Maintain our Safety and not have our Neighborhood resemble a car lot or apartment complex.  
~Thank you~

Pool Information

Pool hours:   10:00 AM to 8:00 PM, Tues. – Sun.   ~CLOSED on Mondays~
NO LIFEGUARD on dutyplease remember that "children under 14" MUST be accompanied by an adult who is a resident at least 18 years old, at all times.
~Annual Dues must be PAID IN FULL to use the Pool~

Please be considerate of others when enjoying your pool time and adhere to all posted "Pool Rules": 
-NO SMOKING or Vaping
-Proper swimwear must be worn
-All Guests MUST be accompanied by a Resident at all times.

*We do not rent the Pool or any other area for parties.

*To comply with the American Disabilities Act and to accommodate our neighbors with children not yet potty trained OR that may have a disability; It is a requirement that swim diapers be worn whenever swimming in the pool AND you must also use the restroom before entering the pool. If these requirements are not followed (for whatever reason) and an incident should occur that would result in the pool needing to be closed & cleaned; you will be assessed a pool cleaning fee of $100.00 or more.

~We thank you in advance for your compliance~

For Sale Signs

Please be advised that our Covenants do not allow a Realtor nor a Homeowner to post "For Sale" signs at or near our front entrance gates.  
All "For Sale" signs should be posted in the front yard of the Home for Sale.  This does include" For Sale by Owner." 
When hosting an "Open House" a sign may be posted at our front entrance but only for the duration of the Open House.